When diving into a client's project, a solid project brief is key to nailing the vision.

One Small Town- Shot by Taos

Here’s a quick checklist to spice up that brief:

  • Project Overview: Give me the lowdown! What’s the project about? The more details, the better.
    Example: Are we creating a captivating product launch video, an engaging social media campaign, or a documentary that dives deep into a fascinating subject?
  • Objectives and Goals: What are you aiming for? Whether it’s boosting engagement or telling a compelling story, let me know your endgame.
    Example: Is the aim to increase brand awareness, educate the audience on a specific topic, or drive conversions through a compelling call to action?
  • Target Audience: Who’s the cool crowd you’re trying to impress? Knowing your audience helps tailor the content just right.
    Example: Are we speaking to tech enthusiasts, fashion-forward millennials, or maybe even a global audience eager for a heartwarming story?
  • Style and Tone: Are we going for serious vibes or a splash of humor? Setting the right tone ensures we’re on the same wavelength.
    Example: Are we going for a sleek and polished corporate vibe, a lighthearted and humorous touch, or a cinematic and emotionally charged atmosphere?
  • Camera and Color Space: Let us know the footage’s color space and gamma curve. What camera type(s) were used in the production (be specific)? Let’s make sure your visuals pop.
    Example: Are we working with footage from a cinematic RED Komodo for that high-end feel, or perhaps a Sony A7S III for its low-light prowess?
  • Technical Specs: Any specific resolution or format preferences? Let me know, and we’ll make it happen.
    Example: Are we gunning for a 4K resolution to make every detail pop, or is there a preference for a specific video format like ProRes or H.265?
  • Assets Provided: Share the goods! Is there any existing footage, logos, or specific elements you want in there? Lay it all out.
    Example: Do we have existing product shots, a library of animations, or a killer soundtrack that should be the heartbeat of the project?
  • Inspiration and References: Got a mood board or examples that spark your interest? Share the love, and we’ll make magic happen.
    Example: Is our visual compass pointing towards the sleek aesthetics of Apple ads, the storytelling mastery of Pixar, or the dynamic editing style of your favorite YouTuber?
    Check out our image reference library!
  • Deadline: We know time is of the essence! When do you need your masterpiece delivered? Let’s lock in a schedule that works for both of us.
    Example: Are we aiming for a grand reveal at an upcoming event, a strategic launch date, or a steady release schedule for a content series?
  • Budget: Lay it on me. What’s the financial playground for this project? It helps me tailor the scope accordingly.
    Example: Is this a blockbuster production with all the bells and whistles, or are we opting for a more streamlined approach that’s friendly to the wallet?
  • Communication Channels: How do you like to chat? Whether it’s email, calls, or carrier pigeons, let’s establish our communication groove.
    Here’s a little secret sauce – we can keep the conversation flowing seamlessly through AVAir, the Eye See Color cloud collaboration tool. It’s not just any cloud management tool; it’s your production partner in the digital realm, making our collaboration a breeze.
    Example: Do you prefer the efficiency of email updates, the clarity of voice calls, or perhaps the swift coordination through the AVAir platform?

Feel free to drop any extra details or quirky requests – the more, the merrier! Let’s turn your vision into a visual masterpiece.

Curious to know more about how AVAir can elevate our project collaboration? We go more in-depth at eyeseecolor.com/avair-your-cloud-based-production-partner/.

At Eye See Color, we believe you deserve the opportunity to add pro-level polish to your projects.
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