2024 Camera Requirements for Netflix Approval

To earn Netflix’s approval, cameras must meet specific capture criteria. These criteria are as follows:

Resolution: The camera must feature a genuine 4K UHD sensor, capturing images at 3840 photosites in width (spherical).

Codec: Acceptable codecs include lightly compressed, Uncompressed RAW, or Intraframe Based Codec with a 4:2:2 Chroma-subsampling or higher.

Bit Depth: The camera’s bit depth must be a minimum of 10 bits or higher.

Data Rate: A minimum data rate of 240Mbps at 24 frames per second (FPS) is required.

Color Space: Cameras must support a Scene-referred Color Space, such as S.Gamut3, ALEXA Wide Gamut, REDWideGamut, among others.

Transfer Function: The camera should utilize a Scene-referred Transfer Function, including options like Slog3, Log C, Log3G10, VLog, etc.

Timecode: The system must be capable of synchronizing to an external timecode source, with timecode information stored as metadata.

Meeting these specifications ensures that the camera meets the high-quality standards required for Netflix productions.

Note: Not all cameras that meet these capture requirements are approved. These requirements are the minimum specifications necessary for a camera system to be considered for approval. Other attributes must be taken into account such as dynamic range, form factor, stability, workflow compatibility, and more.


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