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Synthetic Voice Options
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
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  • Explanation: Choose the gender of the synthetic voice, which can impact the perceived tone and resonance.
  • Example: If you're creating a tutorial for a beauty product, a Female voice might resonate well, providing a warm and relatable tone.
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  • Explanation: Select the style that aligns with your content, whether it's conversational, professional, informative, expressive, or authoritative.
  • Example: For a corporate presentation, an Authoritative voice might instill confidence and professionalism.
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  • Explanation: Define the emotional undertone of the voice, influencing how the audience perceives the content.
  • Example: A Soothing voice can be ideal for meditation app instructions, creating a calming and serene atmosphere.
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  • Explanation: Control the speed of speech, impacting the flow and comprehension of the content.
  • Example: If your project involves energetic product promotions, a Fast pace might convey excitement and dynamism.
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  • Explanation: Choose the accent that suits your target audience or adds a specific flavor to the narration.
  • Example: A British English accent can add elegance and sophistication, ideal for upscale brand promotions.
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  • Explanation: Tailor the voice to match specific character traits, ages, occupations, or personalities.
  • Example: For a children's educational app, a Friendly and Energetic voice suitable for a Teacher's character could enhance engagement.
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  • Explanation: Specify the emotional nuances you want the voice to convey, allowing for a more expressive and engaging narrative.
  • Example: A Happy and Excited voice can be perfect for promotional videos, infusing enthusiasm into your product descriptions.
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  • Explanation: Define the formality and technicality of the language used, ensuring it aligns with the context of your content.
  • Example: A Technical language style might be suitable for instructional videos explaining complex software functionalities.
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  • Explanation: Provide any specific guidelines or unique characteristics you'd like the synthetic voice to adhere to.
  • Example: If there are specific industry terms or product names, include pronunciation guidelines to ensure accuracy.
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