Voice over, Voice-Over, Voiceover (VO)

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Voice over is a production technique where a voice is recorded for off-screen use. While prominently used to reference movies and television, voice over can also be used for telephone services, along with other informational services.

Voice over is popularly shortened to “VO”.

The correct spelling of “voice over” depends on the context: 

  • If you’re referring to a job title or description, use the hyphenated spelling, “voice-over”.
  • If you’re referring to the overall concept of adding voice to a production, use the closed spelling, “voiceover”.
  • If you’re writing in a formal context, use “voiceover”.
  • If the text ends up on the web, use “voice over”.
  • “Voiceover” is an adverb, while “voice-over” is a noun.
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